Quality standards

ProvenOps has successfully led laboratory teams in many environments, including academia, startup and industry. Our years of experience can help you navigate obstacles big and small. In unfamiliar territory, partnership is essential to success, and we actively seek partners with the expertise needed to complete your projects so that they meet the highest standards. At ProvenOps, quality is a key component of our work as we see your project to successful completion.


Let ProvenOps Consulting be your advocate in the laboratory industry. We can offer you customized service to meet the needs of your laboratory. If you need help meeting regulatory compliance, integrating new technology, or making any other operational change to your laboratory, we can offer you the support and service to meet those needs. Our commitment is to your success. Our services can include on-site assessments along with long-term management via phone, e-mail and web conferencing. One of our goals is to provide you with the services you need while not significantly impacting your financial plan.

Customer support

ProvenOps is available to discuss your needs when it is convenient for you. Once engaged in a project, we will actively provide you with progress updates at intervals defined by you. We keep you informed through the life of the project.

Best solutions

No project is too big or too small. We can provide our services as you need them to see your project to completion, including at an hourly consulting rate, a project-based rate, and under retainer rate. Our goal is to provide our expertise where needed, and minimize the need to take your talented team off the laboratory floor.